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Best night vision, small-boat internet access electronics

Over the past couple of months, we’ve rolled out some remarkable marine electronics in categories ranging from radars and fishfinders to digital charts and vessel monitoring equipment. The products we described are an exercise we do every year in Marine Electronics Journal—it’s called the Best & Brightest Boating Electronics.

We ask manufacturers to identify the one model they produce in a particular category that they consider to be their Best & Brightest—not necessarily the most technically advanced or newest but rather the one they rate highest in the product line for one reason or another. Could be the functions and features it offers, or maybe it breaks new ground in maximizing effectiveness or utility, or maybe it’s the most popular as measured by sales to boaters.

This week we finish up the Best & Brightest lineup with two distinctly different categories of electronics. While they take widely divergent paths to benefitting boaters, both are expanding rapidly in what they bring to the table in terms of performance and usefulness to captains, passengers and crew. One is night vision equipment—thermal imagers—and the other is electronics tailored for smaller boats that provide access to the internet, phone and data.


Raymarine ClearCruise

The combination of the FLIR M232 thermal camera and Raymarine Axiom series MFDs make for a powerful nighttime navigation system. When integrated together the pair’s ClearCruise intelligent thermal analytics technology offer boaters an entirely new level of awareness and safety. Like an extra set of eyes, the M232 will automatically scan for objects in the water and Axiom will notify you about them with both visible and audible alerts.


The GOST Watch HD H20 XVR next-generation all-in-one video surveillance system is designed to remotely stream and record thermal and IR illuminated camera recordings in real-time. Originally designed for police and fire boats, the GOST WATCH HD H20 XVR is enclosed in a fiberglass case that offers IP67 waterproof and impact-resistant protection and also makes installation simple. Inside the case is a high-speed 4G LTE data communicator that can stream up to eight analog or IP 1080P cameras to the new GOST Watch HD XVR app. If the thermal camera being used is ONVIF compliant such as the FLIR M400 and M500, the user can pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely from the app. The built-in expanded 4 TB hard drive records and stores up to 90 days of footage per camera.



FLIR’s most popular marine camera system just got even better with standard gyro-stabilization, an upgraded thermal camera, and an all-new color visible camera payload too. The M625CS comes with FLIR’s latest generation high-resolution Tau 2 thermal core for increased contrast, detail and better long-range detection. It also features a 4X continuous digital zoom on the thermal camera. The visible payload is now a high-resolution color camera system with lowlight mode, and a 36X optical zoom lens. The entire camera is gyro stabilized for pitch and yaw, providing a steady image even in rough seas. M625CS features dual analog video outputs and can be controlled by joystick or by leading MFDs from Raymarine, Furuno, Garmin and Simrad.

ComNav V5

ComNav’s V5 gyro-stabilized thermal and lowlight camera system supports IP control and radar tracking. Digital Pattern Enhancement (DPE) coupled with 30 Hz refresh rate provide superior high-resolution images. The camera comes with a radar tracking feature with three modes available: Radar Cursor Tracking, Slew To Waypoint and Target Tracking (optional). Video recording and still pictures are captured using a removable storage card, providing Coast Guard and security personnel with real-time evidence. 360-degree pan and +/- 90-degree tilt using proportional joystick help Search & Rescue and security tasks. Built-in heater for thermal windows with auto defrost allows camera use in adverse colder weather conditions. Up to four camera joysticks in any combination can be used in any application.


Intellian FB150

Featuring exceptional cancellation and noise suppression technology, Intellian's FB150 provides reliable data connectivity in a compact above-deck, single-user solution. The FB150 provides global coverage and simultaneous access to voice, SMS and data services for business, operational and recreational applications, keeping you in touch no matter where you voyage. The FB150 also offers a multi-voice capability, which allows up to four simultaneous calls to be made through a single terminal. Integrated into Inmarsat’s core network, the FB150 delivers the same outstanding voice quality noted throughout the offshore industry.

Digital Yacht 4G Connect

4G Connect offers fast, long-range LTE Internet connectivity afloat. It has a built-in WiFi router so tablets, PCs and smart phones can share the connection as well as LAN and WAN ports for integration with onboard electronics and other Internet sources.


SAILOR 4300 L-band is the first Cobham-developed terminal for Iridium Certus, the maritime connectivity service powered by the new Iridium NEXT satellite constellation. With speeds starting at 350 Kbps and scaling up to 750 Kbps, the SAILOR 4300 L-Band delivers measurably faster connectivity with the added benefit of low latency and truly global coverage. Built on the same dependable platform as all SAILOR VSAT systems, SAILOR 4300 L-Band shares the same intuitive user interface and features an application programming interface (API) for easy compatibility with a fully integrated shipboard communications system.

KVH TracPhone LTE-1

Boaters can now enjoy high-performance LTE service for HD streaming and Internet as far as 20 miles offshore, with KVH’s new TracPhone LTE-1, providing data download/upload speeds as fast as 100 Mbps/50 Mbps. Powered by LTE-Advanced network technology, TracPhone LTE-1 is an ultra-compact, marine-grade system that includes a high-gain LTE-A antenna array, modem, and WiFi router in the dome. TracPhone LTE-1 features automatic switching between two industry-leading LTE carriers, a flexible airtime plan to meet unique boating needs, and the ease of an end-to-end solution. The 34 cm (13.5 inch) diameter dome has a single-cable design making it easy to install and use. The TracPhone LTE-1 is an ideal solution for multi-device connectivity for everyone onboard.

Shakespeare WebWatch

Take your entertainment wherever you go. WebWatch lets you access the Internet

from a nearby WiFi hotspot or cellular network with up to 4G speeds and share it

wirelessly through the built-in hotspot or via Ethernet. The receiver auto switches

between WiFi signal and cellular data to maintain Internet connectivity.

Now, you don’t need another antenna for your TV. Access your favorite local TV

channels through the WebWatch’s built-in HDTV receiver. "Web and Watch” on your

boat, recreational vehicle, cabin or anywhere else.

Wave WiFi Tidal Wave

Onboard wireless connectivity is important to boaters. They want Internet access and Wave WiFi has solutions. Tidal Wave from Wave WiFi provides high-powered, dual-band WiFi + 3G/4G that allow for concurrent listening across 2.4 GHz and 5.1 5.8 GHz WiFi channels along with SIM-activated cellular data. Tidal Wave comes equipped with a gigabit port to support the fastest connection speeds. It includes high-gain antennas to seek the farthest-reaching connections attainable. The device uses our customer-inspired, browser-based interface so there is no software to download or install, providing simple plug-and-play integration. POE (Power Over Ethernet) makes installation easy. Tidal Wave brings boaters the luxury of WiFi, and/or cellular Internet at the marina, on the hook, and in many remote areas.

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