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DAME Award contenders: Boat electronics worth a second look


Last week, we rolled out the winners of the DAME Award’s several categories of marine equipment. In announcing the winner of the Marine Electronics and Marine-Related Software category--SailSense--I said I was surprised it took top dog honors in light of the competition. I’m in no way bad mouthing the innovative sensor device that mounts on a sail and collects and transmits data about its condition. All I’m saying is that there were many worthy products—and a few that in my humble opinion checked all of the boxes.  According to the competition's organizers, the award, which is presented annually at the METS trade show in Amsterdam, celebrates “everything that is important about marine equipment design, from aesthetics to functionality, integration to packaging and price efficiency to lifecycle management.”

See what you think—here are the other products that made it into the final round of competition. The descriptions were written by the manufacturers that entered the products for judging.


ActiveCaptain App, Garmin

The ActiveCaptain app provides a powerful connection to your Garmin chartplotter, charts, maps and the community for the ultimate connected boating experience. You’ll have unlimited access to your cartography and access to the Garmin QuickDraw Contours Community. Stay connected with smart notifications on your chartplotter screen. Plan a trip and the Captain will sync with your chartplotter.


Apollo 770, Fusion Entertainment

The Apollo RA770 blends creative design and technological brilliance to deliver the world’s first marine audio entertainment system with a one-piece glass touchscreen display. Apple AirPlay, built-in Wi-Fi audio streaming, PartyBus and Fusion DSP technology. The Apollo series has forever changed the face of marine audio entertainment.


Clear Cruise Augmented Reality, Raymarine/FLIR

ClearCruise AR is an industry-first navigation technology that brings leading-edge augmented reality to Raymarine’s family of Axiom multifunction displays. Using HD video and advanced image stabilization technology, Raymarine ClearCruise AR helps captains make smarter and faster navigation decisions with visual overlays of nearby navigation aids, AIS traffic and destination waypoints.


Smart Lighting, Lumishore

World’s first marine DC lighting system with tuneable white/color light to enhance mood and functionality on board. Introducing  range of above water smart lighting systems that can be controlled from the boat’s MFD/smart device. Cold/warm white light, Smart Lighting allows an infinite number of hues and scenes customized to suit moods or events.


LiveScope, Garmin

LiveScope is the most amazing sonar technology ever. You can actually see easy-to-interpret live scanning sonar images of fish swimming near clearly defined structure. You can see your lure as you retrieve it. And your boat doesn’t need to be moving. You get both LiveScope Down and LiveScope Forward modes in one transducer; use LiveScope Forward to see remarkably clear images of structure and swimming fish around your boat, and use LiveScope Down to see directly below your boat.


Boat Control, Simarine

Simarine Boat Control packs vital boat instruments in a single, stylish and connected device designed for cockpit installation. It features battery, tank and temperature monitoring, Main and DC switches with power electronics and CAN interface with integrated GPS for displaying various engine, speed and other related data.  4G module and cloud platform optionally available for remote management.


Ship control system for wipers, Exalto

Today’s ship controls need to communicate. The major standard for communication is NMEA 2000. Most components are available to communicate in this language. Yet no wiper control has been introduced. Exalto introduces a new control system to implement in any NMEA 2000 network on board. It facilitates control through a special panel or complete integration with an existing ship control screen.


Research Starlight, Autonnic

Starlight is a unique visual electronic aid which makes the helmsman’s task of maintaining a heading easier. The visually conflicting activities of focusing on a close but small compass while keeping a lookout to the horizon is solved through use of Starlight. There are no other products currently on the market which address this problem.


RP Portal app, Rigging Projects Ltd.

Cross platform maintenance management service app for our customers sailing packages. The portal allows our customers to have finger tip access to all their boats’ sailing system information along with automated service reminders and bar code scanning for simple identification, letting them feel in control of their boats’ maintenance scheduling.


HDS Live, Navico

The Lowrance HDS Live is packed with innovative features like Active Imaging and StructureScan 3D with Active Imaging. The core of the product is its active arsenal of sonar functionality, offering excellent out-of-the-box sonar performance with Lowrance CHIRP but set apart by its built-in Active Imaging technology.


Information Display, Navico

The integrated information display solves the issue of having multiple pieces of marine electronics from different vendors spread across the dash of the boat working independently. Using Navico’s state-of-the-art displays and operating system, we bring all the electronic information and control into a centralized hub using fully bonded glass with single or multiple displays.


4G Connect Pro, Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht’s 4GT Connect provides low cost, reliable and fast 3G/4G Internet access up to 20 nm from shore using sophisticated MIMO technology. It can also integrate with iKommunicate for cloud monitoring of NMEA 0183 and 2000 networks as well as introducing Amazon’s Alexa to the boating market with spoken nav information upon request.


iAIS app with navionics integration, Digital Yacht

Millions of boaters use the popular Navionics app for charting and navigation on board. iAIS is an AIS display app for iPhone or iPads that can take advantage of your existing Navionics charts and library and present real time AIS target overlays onto the detailed charting when connected to an onboard AIS device.


Marine Anti-Drone System (MADS), Martek

MADS is a modular drone detection and defeat system that can identify drones within a 5 km range, providing GPS positioning of both drone and pilot together with drone speed and heading.


PowerRay, PowerVision Oy

The PowerRay Wizard is an underwater drone (ROV). It is ideal for exploring the underwater world for professional purposes with the PowerVision edition of Zeiss FR One Plus goggles, a 64GB memory card and a 210 foot tether. The PowerRay can deep dive down to 98 feet with the internal Wi-Fi system allowing transmission of images and data over a distance of up to 262 feet.


SailRacer Ink Display, UAB SailRacer

High-contrast SailRacer e-ink display with a best-possible visibility with polarized glass in direct sunshine. Fully waterproof IP68 shock absorbing case. Powered by  a 8000mAh battery that is four times bigger than other popular e-readers allows this device to run at the highest refresh rate for days without charging. Android operating system.

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