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Inside the workboat electronics & equipment tent

One of the great things about publishing a marine electronics magazine is that you get to tour boat shows of all sorts---from in-water recreational events in the US to sprawling equipment shows in Amsterdam. And then there’s the other side of the industry—the commercial, coastal patrol and law enforcement sector--where stuff is often a lot larger and less familiar.

While The Mic’s standard fare is recreational electronics, we thought you might like a peek at what happens in that commercial/law enforcement tent, ranging from nav and communications electronics to engines, deck gear and many flavors of mechanical equipment. Last week I made my annual pilgrimage to the WorkBoat Show in New Orleans. It’s a terrific event where 1,000 or so exhibitors show what they’ve got. If you’re outfitting an oil service boat for carrying pipe, drilling mud, crew or just about anything else you need on an oil platform or exploration rig—the WorkBoat Show is the place to be. It’s also the right address if your slice of the market is towboats, fireboats or patrol boats bristling with machine guns. Here's a taste.

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From top left to right: Hallway at the Ernest Morial Convention Center leading to the show floor; traditional New Orleans cakewalk band opens the show on day one; no-nonsense patrol boat; huge wheelhouse display; 16-cylinder MTU diesel (4656 cubic inch displacement); steerable prop nozzle; check out that large open array radar antenna above the Simrad console; deck crane; a wrench on steroids; harbor fireboat; searchlights; oil service vessel material delivery hoses; jet drive; JRC/Alphatron console; generator module; oil boat tank pump; propulsion brake; side thruster; and integrated switching panel.

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