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Best EPIRBs and personal survival devices for 2016

Safety and survival gear have always been a tough sell to mariners, whether they’re coastal cruisers or commercial operators. In New England that tradition goes back to the days when fishermen chased cod from small dories launched from wooden sailing ships in the often treacherous and cold waters of Georges Bank. Most never learned how to swim. In the event of capsizings they’d rather drown quickly than tread water or hold on to an overturned boat.

Carrying modern survival equipment, where it’s life rafts, inflatable jackets or electronic signaling devices, should be a no-brainer, especially if you cruise or fish offshore. It’s inexpensive compared to just about everything else on a boat and the beacons can bring help quickly in an emergency—as long as you maintain it properly and know how to use it.

We asked the top marine safety and survival gear manufacturers to tell us what they consider to be their Best & Brightest EPIRBs and personal survival devices. Here’s what they said.

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